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                                      Ignite your faith

🌼 FAITH BUILDER: these scripture cards were designed to help you to engage with God's word in various ways. You can write your name in front of the bible verses to personalize it, declare the word over yourself, meditate on it throughout the day, and so on. It will bless you immensely, bring you revelations, renew your mind in the word, and ignite your faith. ​

🌼ENCOURAGING: provides daily words of encouragement for every situation; it is a box of promises from God which if you believe are all yes and amen. The bible verses at the back of the card were prayerfully picked and organized as a prayer to bring you comfort and peace that surpasses understanding even during difficult times ​  

🌼 INSPIRATIONAL DESIGN: We know how precious you are to God, so we spare no effort to produce a very special prayer card; all 40 illustrations are hand-painted in watercolor by the British illustrator Geraldine Bilbrough. These illustrations will inspire your imagination, helping you to visualize the love of God for you and the great relationship you can have with your heavenly Father through Jesus ​
​🌼 HIGH QUALITY & BIGGER CARDS:  These are not miniature bible verses flashcards, the 4.33 x 3.15 inches cards provide comfortable reading and a beautiful art display. They are made to last, designed in the UK, and printed in India on high-grade and sustainable papers, it feels and looks magnificent ​  

🌼 GIFTABLE: Packed in a beautiful gift box, it will make an exquisite Christian gift on any occasion. Whether you want to make your loved one feel special, evangelize, encourage, or simply express love in action, this is a gift with eternal value. ​  

🌼 GUARANTEE: The entire purchase will be handled by Amazon, which means you will get access to Amazon's five-star customer service, free delivery for orders above $25 or Amazon Prime subscribers. access to amazon refund and returns policy, plus free returns on our items in case you change your mind.
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UNLEASH THE POWER How would impact your faith if you would spend 40 days only meditating on God's grace and love towards you?  The Power of Knowing God 

 GOD IS LOVE - The scriptures in these cards are full of God’s character and nature - As you meditate in them you will get to know God for who He really is. The purity of His heart, the essence of His being ( love), and how He sees you. It is almost impossible for anyone to trust a person they do not know. So, the more you get to know God intimately through His word the more easily and naturally it will be for you to trust Him, even when facing the impossible.  

 The Power of Knowing His Love 

 WE LOVE BECAUSE HE LOVED US FIRST - These cards are small pictures of God’s love for you - as you meditate on the scriptures you will get revelations from His love for you, those revelations will empower you to live in the fullness of His glory for your life. God loves to display His glory in His creation, especially in us who are created in His likeness. You will learn to love Him with the same love He lavished upon you through Jesus. 

The Power of Hope in Love
The revelations about God’s love this devotional was designed to bring you will strengthen your confidence and expectation of what God has promised. Once your understanding of God’s love moves from knowledge in your head to revelation in your heart; hope will abound and overflow in your life, and that will come from the assurance of His love for you. This is powerful and a great deal in this hopeless world.  

The Power of Grace and Love to Impact Others

 This devotional will bless you, so you can be a blessing to others. As you get deeper into these revelations of God’s love for you, grace will increase in your life helping eliminate human love from your heart. So, you can do everything from the overflow of God’s love for you. Why is that powerful? The foundation of human love is pity or sorry, which at some point distances itself by moving towards judgment. On the other hand, the foundation of God’s love is grace and compassion. Grace removes judgment from the way and compassion compels us to move closer, take action and help people without judging them or losing hope in them. Agape love is powerful!
The Power of Rest in Love 

This devotional was designed to help you to refocus, by taking your eyes from the physical and putting on the spiritual. It will teach you to go to Jesus for rest. The throne of grace is a place where you can unload your heavy load and find rest in God’s love. Rest in God’s love will not turn you into a passive person, instead, it will equip you to live a smarter spiritual and physical life.  

The Power of Live Fearless in Love

THERE IS NO FEAR IN LOVE - Imagine how it would be to live in a world where there is no fear? This devotional was designed to help you to have deep insight and revelations about God’s love and grace. The bible says in 1 John 6:18 that perfect love drives out fear. Once you are plugged into God's love in the way you should, there is no more place for fear in your life (your world). Once you understand that God is happy and satisfied with you because you are in Jesus (which is the demonstration of God’s love for you). Nothing else matters. If people or society accepts you or not, if the economy is doing good or bad, if the world is at peace or at war, these things will never again impact your life. Because you will know that God through His love translated you from this dark world into His kingdom, where you will not lack any good thing. You will learn to live in His Kingdom by faith. God’s kingdom is a place where fear does not exist. ​  

  The Power of Healing in Love 

 God’s Love brought us healing. The word says that Jesus was wounded for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was a chastisement that brought us peace, and with his stripes, we are healed - Isaiah 53:5. As your trusting in God grows through love, the easier will be for you to pursue the Healing that Jesus conquered for us on the cross. Healing is a done deal and made available to us in the same way as salvation. Through His love, you can have access to healing for your body, emotions, and soul. God wants you complete in Him, that is why he provided everything you need through Christ ​

The Power of Being a Doer of the Word

 This is a devotional designed to help you become a doer of the word. Why is profitable for you to be a doer? The bible tells us in James 1:22-25 to be doers of the word and not a hearer only, deceiving yourself. At the end of verse 25, it tells us that the doers will be blessed in what he does. Therefore, being a doer is the key to guaranteed success in life! As you start to apply the word of God to your life and situations, you will become an overcomer machine. There is great power in engagement with the word of God. When you mix God’s word with faith, the mountains will be flattened, the iron gates will be broken, doors will appear where there are no doors, and the glory of God will flood your life. ​ ​

                   If you want peace prepare for war
This devotional was designed to help you become a spiritual gladiator. The word of God tells us in Ephesians 6: 12 we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places. Jesus gave you power over the enemy, but you will be able to take advantage of that leverage you have over the devil, only when you prepare yourself.  The word is your weapon and all the other components of God's armor (faith, peace, etc) will be developed from the word. This devotional will help you prepare yourself by: 
GAIN KNOWLEDGE: We have prayerfully selected scriptures on God’s love and grace for you to know them. 
DECLARATION: You will be able to write your name in front of each verse and speak it out loud over yourself. Psalms 45:1 says that the tongue is the pen of a skillful writer and Romans 10:17 says that faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. As you speak out loud these verses over yourself, you will be using your tongue to write the word of God in your heart and as you listen to it, your faith will Ignite.  ​

MEDITATION: You will be able to meditate on God’s word using the scriptures and the hand-painted watercolor illustrations. Why meditation is important? meditation in the word is what takes your knowledge of the word and turns it into revelation/insight. Revelation knowledge is what will change your life, that is the point where the word becomes alive in your heart. Meditation is part of being a doer of the word and it will bring you success and glory to God. Meditation goes along with declaration, the bible tells us in Joshua 1:8 this book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. This is a powerful promise which if you apply will be true for you today as it was for the generation of Joshua; because the word of God never changes, it’s the same today, tomorrow, and forever! 

PRACTICE: As your faith gets fired up with all the revelations you will have through engaging with God’s word, your soul will develop a desire to change the world. You can start with the world around you! We have provided on the back of the devotional cards a variety of small daily task that involves, serving others, aligning your actions with God’s word, worshiping God, sharing the gospel, and so on. These tasks will allow you to be a blessing and help you to develop a number of new habits that will enrich your relationship with God.
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A 40 days of fasting and prayer seeking God

 "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." Matthew 6:33

"You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13

  Click he re to join our facebook community, a place where you will find great encouragement and support for growing in your relationship with God. We will be starting on the 21 February a 40 days fasting and prayer challenge, please join us. We know it's a lot easier and more fun to achieve things together. So, we want to support and walk with you on this journey of transforming your relationship with God. We want to encourage you, partner in pray and agree in faith with you; for there is power in agreement and it will bless you. In Matthew 18:19, Jesus promised that if two of us agree on earth concerning anything that we ask, God will grant it! What a wonderful and very accessible promise. The 40 days challenge is all about you and God; it is a time where you will switch off from the big noise in the world and focus 100% on God and His word of grace and Love. You can fast from food in any way that works for you. However, one thing we advise you to remove entirely from your routine during these 40 days is secular media of any shape or form. You would want to avoid anything that competes for your attention. You can start your 40 days at any point in time, and we will be there to support you. We are passionate about helping you to grow in your relationship with God. People are the most valuable possession on earth, so we are looking forward to encouraging you, praying with you, and seeing your relationship with God flourish like Spring.
Be Blessed and stay blessed!
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HOW PEOPLE ARE BEING BLESSED Tell us how this product has blessed you by writing a review on Amazon, it will help us and others! This lovely devotional was a gift from a friend The instructions are helpful as they explained in detail how to use the cards. I really like the lovely picture on each card, they present the word beautifully. The short but powerful word of god written in each card are made into a personal message and it's good to carry around and meditate on them all day. There is an amazing prayer at the back of each card to help you receive the word written on the front of the card. This product has blessed me and I want to thanks the people who made it. This cards helps a lot in forming a personal relationship with God. I would highly recommend this product to those who are determined to change their lives with the word of God. ★★★★★ Deborah Wang Show more Want to learn more? Simply click the button below. ManyChat Widget Placeholder Frequently Asked Questions Why are you running this promotion? We are running this sale to spread the word about this product. Promotions like this help us to get the word out and increase our product popularity on Amazon. Our aim is to reach as many people we can with the transforming power of God's Grace and Love. Can I make an exchange? Yes. The entire purchase will be handled by amazon which means you will have access to amazon refund and returns policy. Is there free shipping on this product? If your order exceeds $25 or you have Amazon Prime subscription, then you will get free shipping How do I use my coupon on Amazon? You can enter your coupon code during  your checkout on Amazon. Then follow the instructions on the screen.
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